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SUP Vancouver | Ocean Blu Vodka Sod | Low Calorie Cooler | Vodka

Ocean Blu is a lightly flavored vodka soda, made with all natural flavors and no added sugar. Sweetened with Stevia Leaf Extract, each can has only 100 calories and no carbs. 


We believe in protecting our coastlines and our wildlife and support those causes through our Preservation Promise .

With two refreshing, low-calorie flavors, you can enjoy Ocean Blu and know that you are helping contribute to supporting ocean preservation, marine life conservation and other like-minded foundations that share our goals.


For more information on our upcoming events such as beach clean-ups, and how to get involved, check our Upcoming Events .

Tofino Surf | Ocean Blu Vodka Sod | Low Calorie Cooler | Vodka

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